Commercial Window Cleaning at Leamington Spa Train Station

Leamington Spa Train Station chose Ryemead as their commercial window cleaning company of choice because of our meticulous planning and approach to the challenging access issues. In addition our health & safety record was key to manage safety of public located close to the site. A lack of water in the vicinity and our ability to ship to site, combined with specialist cleaning teams, advanced equipment, and ISO 9000 certification secured our selection.

Clean Railway Stations are more inviting, giving passengers and staff a positive start to their day, and their journey. The Government’s focus on the importance of stations as a community hub* means stations need to be clean and stay clean. But cleaning a complex, commercial, station structure with limited access, a mix of surface materials and continual passenger footfall, presents major cleaning and logistical challenges.

  • Leamington Spa Station Requirements

    The 1939 Leamington Spa Station is a grade II listed building built in the Art Deco style which is faced with Portland stone above a polished granite plinth, which while impressive to look at presented access challenges for cleaning. This very limited access meant that the top side glazing now had a heavy build up of grime, dirt and algae.

  • Access Challenges and Health & Safety

    During our work carrying out commercial window cleaning at Leamington Spa train station we found a number of access challenges. The buildings design of flat roofs with parapet, wooden sashes with stone architraves, canopies and steel girders with cast iron columns are stunning to look at but inaccessible using standard cleaning platforms and equipment.

    • Lanyard Scaling: Ryemead personnel utilising full safety harness and lanyard equipment, connected to the mansafe latchway system located on the roof areas to gain access for cleaning. Our team used all of their experience to access the right areas while ensuring safely at all times.
    • Limited Access: All equipment had to be safely transported onto the roof areas and van mounted hot water cleaning machines had to be maneuvered into specific locations.
    • No Water Available: We used 200 metres of specialist hose to transport our cleaning water to specific areas on site, due to the limited vehicle access points and external water points.
  • Timing to suit Leamington Spa Station

    Our commercial window cleaning at Leamington Spa train station works took place on consecutive Sundays, ensuring the station was not at full capacity. A banksman carefully monitored the platform areas below to ensure cleaning was safe and all passengers and staff were fully protected. All areas directly below the cleaning process were cordoned off using barriers and security tape to ensure public safety.

  • Why Leamington Spa Chose Ryemead?

    Leamington Spa were used to the challenges posed by the buildings architecture and knew that the limitations imposed by access and water supply deterred cleaning companies.

    Ryemead however, demonstrated railway station cleaning expertise and showed how we delivered station cleaning services that are second to none. We were able to demonstrate our appreciation of the complexities that this type of cleaning can present.

    The works had to be meticulously planned from start to finish due to major access issues, public in close vicinity, a lack of water supply and the level of dirt on glazing, all of which we had experienced and managed on previous projects.

    This experience and our planning and project management approach enabled Leamington Spa to select Ryemead for commercial window cleaning at Leamington Spa train station in the confidence that work could be completed efficiently, effectively and successfully.

Commercial Window Cleaning at Leamington Spa Train Station - Build Up Of Dirt

Dirt build-up created due to limited cleaning access

Leamington Spa Required Lanyard Access

Cleaning required lanyard access by specially trained personnel

Liane McCarthy, Leamington Spa Station Manager

“It’s a miracle! Looks fabulous. Thank you.”

Watch the video of how we managed the cleaning

Watch the video of how we approached, planned, managed and completed the extensive cleaning at Leamington Spa Train Station

Ryemead Train Station Experience and Expertise

Ryemead have extensive experience in the train station and transport hubs window cleaning sector and you can rely on us to ensure a smooth schedule of works. We utilise specialist equipment to access all areas combined with high levels of staff training to ensure both safety and quality of work, including:

  • Cradle-based access equipment
  • Mobile alloy towers
  • Rope work/abseiling
  • Hot Water reach and wash system
  • Compliance with Health and Safety Legislation including The Work at Height Directive 2005
  • Safe Contractor approved and ISO 9001 quality certified company
  • Environmental Policy and a commitment to supporting and reducing any impact on the environment
  • Industry Accreditations & Quality Assured

    We are a proud member of the National Federation of Window Cleaners and all works are undertaken and managed following industry standard safety procedures. All relevant risk assessments and method statements will be provided prior to any work taking place at your premises.


    Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)  International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)  Citation Approved Health and Safety Systems ISO 9001 2015

The Department for Communities and Local Government report, February 2017, click to read

Exterior of Leamington Spa Station. cc-by-sa/2.0 – © Elliott Brown – Leamington Spa Station in Warwickshire