1. The University of Winchester

Case Study: The University of Winchester

Research demonstrates a clear link between classrooms with good natural light and improved student performance, even attendance. The theory is that good natural light enhances learning by boosting the eyesight, mood and health of students and teachers. Hence why many educational establishments see regular window cleaning as a vital part of planned maintenance.

Commercial cleaning contract at Johnson & Johnson

Case Study: Johnson & Johnson

Client details Johnson & Johnson, South East England   Ryemead Commercial Group work with many prestigious clients including Johnson and Johnson. Larger, multi-site contracts can take months to organise before we have even started our first clean. We won the contract for Johnson and Johnson for all of their sites across the South East and…

Benefits of maintaining a clean workplace

4 benefits of a clean workplace

Those who work full time typically spend around one-third of their week in the workplace. With such a large portion of time spent in the office, warehouse, shop or other facility, it’s important that it’s a safe and clean environment in which to work. Some employers keep cleaning duties in-house, asking the staff to help…